Jul 11, 2012

Yikes, two months later I'm finally posting my first image.

I got so caught up in the laziness that is the end of the school year, that all motivation went right out the window. Actually ended up having this sketch done during the week I promised, but then weeks and weeks went by and it gathererd dust on my desk.

Hoping I won't end up failing so hard on the next deadline.

Anyway, the only thing the email for my first image said was "My god likes bacon." So just decided to roll with it.

May 7, 2012


     Greetings! My name is Megan and I've recently graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Bachelors degree in Art. I'm a bit of a jack-of-all trades, with experience in photography and painting as well, but my main bag is drawing, specifically using digital means.

     Anyway, this blog is an attempt to increase my illustration skills and add to my portfolio. I'll be attempting to do an in-depth illustration every week based on your suggestions (which can be sent to illustrationaweek@gmail.com and if you want to be credited for the idea, include a name, pen name, website, whatever you want ). I'll be willing to create illustrations off one sentence descriptions anywhere to short stories. Unfortunately, I won't read a whole book if you write one up for me. Heck, I'm even willing to attempt a different drawing style if you add that into your suggestion.

Edit: There are some things I will veto that I deem NSFW - nudity of sorts is fine, but a lady has her limits.
     Send your emails! My first image will be up between May 13th and May 19th.

     And of course, since it's not really fair to start off an illustration blog without any examples of my illustration, I'll offer up a couple images I created this year, the first a digital drawing midterm, the second, one of my senior project series, and the third, a page from a de-motivational children's book I made called "Everyone Fails".

The Thunder Lobster

Pan-Dimensional Mundanity

Everyone Fails